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Online poker

Nowadays, more and more activity of each person is being transferred to the Internet. We do shopping on the Internet, do business, bet on betting, meet new people, but most often we just spend our free time. No wonder - the internet is easy! You can do almost anything without leaving your home. This also applies to poker, which has found extremely fertile ground for development on the internet. This article is intended primarily for people who are just starting their poker adventure on the Internet, although also old riders can find in it some interesting and useful information. From it you will learn first of all what online poker is. We will tell you how to start the game safely on the Internet, where to play and what rules to stick to so that poker continues to be a great pastime.



Poker rooms care about security Now, dear reader, you can probably wonder if your money is safe? Will you be able to withdraw your winnings without any problems since the poker rooms are beyond our control. Perversely and half-heartedly I will answer that precisely because the operators are beyond the control of the Polish authorities, you can be sure that your money is safe. However, it is completely serious - you have to understand that poker rooms are not casinos. Poker players play among themselves, not against the company. The operators of poker games are only "intermediaries" in the game and have no influence on it - they earn by the fact that the games are played with them. This is done by collecting commissions on games (about them later). So a jump to the cash register of players would be a one-time action, after which no one would be tempted to deposit more funds into the account of such a poker room. There were, of course, less or more successful attempts to impede the withdrawal of money, but it never worked well for such an operator. It is also important to realize that poker rooms are subject to very strict rules and controls in the countries where they are registered. The basic rule is to separate players' funds from the company's money.  Win in blackjack tips and tricks

The poker room is therefore a kind of bank, but the funds accumulated on the accounts cannot be turned by the operator and therefore they are not interest-bearing. You can withdraw them at any time. When withdrawing funds, the poker rooms also apply a rule that further improves security - the withdrawal must go through the same channel as the deposit into the account. So if someone used a credit card to deposit funds into the account, then the winnings will be refunded to the player on the same card - no other way. This also applies to bank transfers and electronic wallets (Skrill, Neteller, Paypal etc.). The richest players have many millions of dollars in their poker accounts, which is sufficient guarantee for the security of our money. Despite the fact that the vast majority of the poker world is very honest and certain, there are individual companies that are fraudulent. It will always be so and in every field, but these dishonest operators can always be identified very quickly and their life in business is extremely short. How to do it, about this in a moment.


t the beginning you have to highlight one very important thing - the level of online games is higher than the level of live games. In the network we find poker players who live from the game at low stakes and are doing very well. This means that a novice player who just wants to enter the world of online poker should look for a place where opponents will not be much better than him. In the long run, poker is a game of skill. You can have luck in the short run and then you can win a lot, however, in the long run a better player will always be the weaker one. The choice of a poker room should always be based on the following rules in this order: Certainty of funds and integrity of the operator. General level of poker room games. Promotions and bonuses. Language and support. As I mentioned above, there are operators who tempt players with amazing promotions, but paying out winnings can be a big problem. These are usually companies completely unknown, new, founded quickly and without much business experience. Speaking of details, it's best to choose a poker room from the portal's ranking list, starting from the top of the classification, of course. This portal monitors activity on poker rooms, and thanks to it we know how many players sit at the cash tables of a given operator on average. All poker rooms on this list can be taken virtually blind, without worrying about your own money. The second criterion is the overall level of the poker room. Of course, beginners don't want to give away their money to professionals who only hunt them. So those who are just starting their career in online poker should look for games with other beginners or players who do not have very high skills.

Therefore, with a clear conscience - without any personal bias - I can advise against PokerStars. In fact, PokerStars is the largest room in the world with the largest wins and the largest number of active tables. However, it is also a poker room with the highest level of play. Let's think sensibly - what about the fact that the poker room gives us a nice bonus, since we can not get it, because the life of our bankroll will be very short. So what if you can play in a tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $ 1,000,000, since your chances of getting to the cash register are drastically reduced by the flock of professionals? Don't get caught up in the old carrot and stick trick, which goes even faster with high-level poker rooms. Beginners should lean more toward smaller poker networks. Here a word of explanation - the network is a union of several poker rooms, consisting of a common pool of players. For example, in the iPoker network we have, among others, William Hill Poker, Titan Poker and Winner. This means that players registered at these poker rooms can play among themselves. They are all thrown into one player pool. You can find the complete breakdown of poker rooms by affiliation to poker networks here. The last selection criteria are bonuses and promotions at poker rooms. Of course, everyone should try the game for free. As soon as some poker room offers free funds, then you have to use it - without a doubt. If it costs us nothing, then there is no reason not to play for free. Now, however, let's talk about bonuses and promotions creating deposits.